A Clinical study of Kokilaksha Ksheervasti in Rheumatoid Arthritis w.r.t. Vatashonita

Megha R Survase, Vinod Kumar G, Sonawane R


The present study was aimed to evaluate the efficacy of kokilaksha ksheeravasti in rheumatoid arthritis w.r.t.vatashonita. Rheumatoid Arthritis has great similarities to vatasonitam in Ayurveda. In the treatment principle of Vatashonita, shodhana therapy has been given prime importance. 15 patients fulfilling the criteria for the diagnosis of the disease were registered for the present study according to inclusion criteria. Initially Deepana, Pachana, Rookshana was done followed  by administration of kokilaksha ksheeravasti for 7 days. Follow up period was of 15 days in which guggultiktakam ghritam was given. Assessment was done at clinical level and investigation level after the treatment and after follow up period. After Statistical analysis it can be concluded that kokilaksha ksheeravasti was effective in reducing the clinical signs and symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis


Kokilaksha ksheeravasthi,vatashonita,rheumatoid arthritis,guggultiktakam ghritam

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