Dosage Forms Mentioned in Kashyapa Samhita – A Review

Sahara Shrestha, Prashant Bedarkar, Chaudhari Swapnil Y, Galib R, Patgiri B J, Prajapati Pradeep K


Kashyapa Samhita is an Ayurvedic treatise having main focus on the health and well-being of children and their pathological manifestations. It describes Mantras (Vedic Hymns), Sutikagarogas (diseases of puerperal period), Dhatri (midwife), Dantodbhava (dentition) etc., which has its sole theme devoted to the vicinity of paediatrics. Different dosage forms or medicaments have been depicted in this ancient wisdom of knowledge especially for paediatric diseases. A wide array of herbs, minerals and metals has been used throughout the text. Total 670 formulations mentioned in the classics were screened and formulated into different dosage forms like Swarasa, Kalka, Kwatha, Hima, Sneha, Avaleha, Arista, Asava, Dhoopana, Anjana etc. Various Upa kalpanas like Yavagu, Ksheera, Kambalika etc. also have been amalgamated sporadically in this Samhita. Most of the formulations for internal administration have been advised to administer along with Ghrita and / or honey. In the current review, an attempt has been made to highlight the uniqueness of such formulations and to bring forward the specialities of such formulations with rational behind using these formulations.



Kalpana, Kashyapa, Kaumara, Raksha Vidhi, Upakalpana

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