Therapeutic Emesis (Vamana) - Management of Ekakustha- A Case Study

Saurabh Deshmukh, Bhagyashree Jibkate, Ashish Zanwar


50 years old male with well defined, slightly raised dry erythematous macules with silvery scales and typical extensor distribution diagnosed as ekkustha (psoriasis). As shodhan chikitsa is more effective patient is treated by giving sadhya snehan and madanphala vaman karma in which vitiated doshas are expelled through urdhvamarga. The patient vomited 6 times a total content of 3800ml against 2500ml of input. At the end of vaman, pitta is vomited. After an hour of vaman karma patient felt remarkable relief from itching, scaling and gradual reduction of erythema. The madanphala vaman karma (therapeutic emesis) is a safe Ayurveda .Panchakarma protocol to eliminate kapha accumulated either by pathological condition or dietetic mismanagement .


Ekkushtha, Shodhan , Urdhwa Marga, Erythematous Macules, Vamana

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