Urolithiasis (Kalladaippu) - An Evidence Based Case Study

Shree Devi M S, Sathiyarajeswaran P, Siva Lakshmi S, Daniya Francis


“KALLADAIPPU” (Urolithiasis) “KALPIRAMIYAM”(Urolithiasis) are the synonyms in Siddha and the term equated to renal calculi in allopathic system of medicines. An increasing affluence and adaptation of Western diet habits in many developing countries seem likely to contribute to the changes for the development of renal calculi. Siddha medicine describes certain formulations as Lithotriptic and diuretic which is used in the treatment of renal calculi successfully. This case reported again is an example that proves the efficacy of Siddha medicines for expulsion of renal stones. The synergistic action enhanced resulting in disintegration and elimination of urinary stones from urinary tract.


Kalladaippu, Kalpiramiyam, Urolithiasis, Renal calculi, Siddha medicine, Case study

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