Role of Suryanamaskara in Polycystic Ovarian Disease- A Case Study

Vinaya V Potdar, Pawar J J


The patient of Polycystic Ovarian Disease(PCOD) came at hospital, had complaint of irregular menstrual cycle, stress, obesity, hairfall. Sedentary lifestyle and Apana vayu vikruti were observed in patient which is responsible for vitiation of Tridosha and Rasa, Meda , Artava Dhatu as well as their Srotasa. In such condition Yoga posture of Suryanamsakara were advised and follow up taken for four month. Some significant results were observed. By practicing Suryanamaskara with Pranayama exercise were helpful to rejuvenation of physical and mental health by increasing the metabolic function of Agni and Satva Guna in the body. Also facilitate to regulate menstrual cycle, reduce BMI (obesity) and  hairfall by removing obstruction in the srotasa. So it is advisable in the management of PCOD


Suryanamaskara, PCOD, Apana vayu, Obesity

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