Effect of Yoga Basti in Sandhivata w.s.r. to Osteoarthritis of Knee joint

Daksha Rathod, Kalpesh Dattani


Sandhivata (Osteoarthritis) is one of the Vataja vyadhi (disease due to Vata Dosha) and most common degenerative disease seen in old age people. The Ayurvedic approach to the management of Sandhivata is to provide the complete cure. Objective of the present study was to evaluate the effect of Erandamooladi Niruha Basti and Dashamooladi Anuvasana Basti as Yoga Basti in Sandhivata w.s.r to osteoarthritis of knee joint. Method: 30 patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria of Sandhivata were randomly selected in a single group and treated with Yoga Basti [Dashmooladi Anuvasan Basti and Erandmooladi Niruha Basti]  daily in the morning  for a period of 8  days. Clinical signs and symptoms were given suitable scores according to their severity and assessed based on pre and post data gathered through pre-designed research clinical proforma. The results having ‘P’ value less than 0.0001 was considered to be statistically significant in this study. Result: All the patients in the group showed highly significant improvement in all the symptoms. Pain relieved 80.77%, stiffness  relieved 84.39%, fatigue relieved 100%, restricted movement  reduced by 100 % and deformity reduced by 74.15%. Conclusion: Yoga Basti is found effective in the management of Sandhivata with reference to osteoarthritis of knee joint.All the patients responded to the given treatment without any adverse effects and complications. Mild to marked relief was found in all the symptoms of Sandhivata .



Osteoarthritis, Sandhivata, Vatavyadhi, Yoga basti.

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