A Comparative Study of Dantashodhana Chroorna and Dantashodhana Paste after Scaling in Preventing the Recurrence of Dantasharkara (Calculus)

Makwana D, Vaghela D B, Patel K S


Introduction: 97.1 million Persons worldwide have Dental Calculus. Scaling is standard treatment protocol for the disease. Avoidance of oral hygiene results in recurrence. Ayurveda may be helpful in this aspect. This study was planned to compare the role of Dantashodhana Choorna and Dantashodhana paste in preventing the recurrence of ‘Dantasharkara’ (Dental calculus) after scaling and to compare which was more convenient drug form. Materials and Method: For this study total 30 patients were registered and randomly divided into two groups, among which all patients completed the treatment. Patients were treated with; Ultrasonic scaling followed by Dantashodhana Choorna Pratisarana in group A and Dantashodhana paste application with the soft toothbrush in other group. Profoma were filled to decide better convenient drug form. Result: statistically insignificant result was obtained on comparing effect of therapy between both groups. Most persons preferred Dantashodhana paste for long term, regular use and use in diseased condition over Choorna. Conclusion:  Dantashodhana paste application and Dantashodhana Choorna are almost equally effective in preventing the recurence of ‘Dantasharkara’ (calculus) after scaling and to regain the gingival and dental health. Dantashodhana paste is more convenient way of oral hygiene in comparison to Choorna Pratisarana.



Dantasharakara, Dental Calculus, Dantashodhana Choorna Pratisarana, Toothpaste, Scaling.

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