Effect of Honey in the Management of Otomycosis

Amisha Patel, Vaghela D B


Otomycosis is a fungal infection of External ear, characterized by earache, pruritus, ear blockage, discharge, hearing loss and ringing in ear.  It is the most common clinical entity in the ENT clinics. The disease is more common in hot and humid climate. Its worldwide prevalence is 5.2 % and 9 % in India. 5-25 % of otitis externa cases are due to otomycosis. Bactericidal and fungicidal activity of Honey is proved previously by in vitro study. Honey has high osmolarity and acidic pH. And fungus does not grow in acidic media. With this background, present study is aimed to know the efficacy of the Honey in the management of Otomycosis. This randomized clinical control trial including two groups, one is intervention group (group A) and second is control group (group B). Pt is advised to instill three drops of Honey thrice a day for 7 days in Group A and three drops of Clotrimazole thrice a day for 7 days in Group B. There is statistically highly significant results was observed in all signs and symptoms except hearing loss which is significant in both Groups. Statistically insignificant difference was found between both Groups.



Otomycosis, Honey, Fungal infection.

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