A Study on the Effect of Mahaushadhadi Anjanam in Pishtakam

Krishna Kumar V, Abdul Salam A, Swamy G K


Pishtakam is a disease occurring in the white portion of the eye. It is manifested as a dense white eruption, or as a nodule resembling a water drop. It is a Kapha predominant condition treatable by medical intervention. Pinguecula is a condition resembling Pishtakam. It is an extremely common degenerative condition of the conjunctiva which is characterized by formation of a yellowish white nodule on the bulbar conjunctiva near the limbus. In this study Anjanam which is a medical intervention and a localized Kapha sodhana procedure was taken as the intervention of choice. It was planned to compare the result between Mahaushadhadi Anjanam in Group A study group and Jateemukuladi Anjanam in Group B control group. Mean change in vertical diameter of Pishtakam before treatment and 2 months after treatment in study group was 0.9025 and for control group it was 0.2450.  Mean change in horizontal diameter of Pishtakam before treatment and 2months after treatment in study group was 0.5325 and for control group it was 0.1900.  No adverse drug reaction was found during whole study. Total 40 patients were registered and from the results and observations it could be concluded that both drugs were effective and the study drug proved to be more significant in comparison to the control drug (p=<0.001) .



Jateemukuladi Anjanam, Mahaushadhadi Anjanam, Pishtakam, Pinguecula.

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