Efficacy of Small Group Teaching and its Comparison with Classroom Teaching in the Subject of Dravyaguna

Meena Shamrao Deogade, Priti Desai, Prasad K SR


Background: In Ayurveda, the subject Dravyaguna is with full of nomenclature and multiple aspects of the herb. The student may land in confusion state without proper teaching methods as the recollection of vast material is practically difficult. Educational Researches need to be implemented in Ayurveda and adopted various technologies and methods of Specific Learning should be adopted to overcome these problems.

Materials and Methods: 50 students distributed equally in to two groups observed with a multiple choice questions (MCQs) test and feedback analysis. Graph pad software for paired Student’s T test is used for Data Interpretation and final result assessment.

Results: Statistically small group teaching (SGT) for both topic i.e. Haritaki and Amalaki shows the extremely significant result p=0.0001. 66% students had given feedback as SGT is better teaching method and 68% are agreed for implementation of SGT method regularly as teaching learning method. Conclusion: SGT is better teaching method in comparison with Class room teaching (CRT). SGT encourages the students for attentive participation and to achieve the knowledge


Ayurveda, Dravyaguna, Small group teaching, Class room teaching, Educational research in Ayurveda

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