Pharmaceutico-Analytical study of Naga Bhasma (Incinerated lead) Prepared by Two Different Methods

Rahul Yashavanth, Prabhakar U Renjal, Sujatha K


Naga bhasma (Incinerated Lead) even though having potent qualities is rarely used by the physicians as a medicine due to the fear of toxicity. Marana is a procedure which is followed after the Shodana (cleansing) to remove the ill effects caused by the Naga (Lead) and to make it easily absorbable and assimilable in the body. As various methods are adopted in the preparation, it is difficult to know if the Naga Bhasma prepared by different methods is identical or not. In the current era analysis with the help of current technology is mandatory to study the difference in the properties of Naga Bhasma, hence the present work is being undertaken. Naga necessary for the study was procured from Bangalore and Udupi and Hyderabad. Preparation of Naga Bhasma was done as explained in Rasa Ratna Samucchaya by Jarana (roasting) method (Sample 1) and Ayurveda Prakasha by Puta (enclosed heating) method (Sample 2). In the Analytical study, various parameters such as Bhasma Pariksha, Organoleptic Characters, Physical Constants, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis were measured. The Naga Bhasma prepared by Puta method was more convenient and cost effective based on the labour work, number of drugs used and the pH of the sample


Naga, Naga Bhasma, Shodana, Marana, Jarana, Puta

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