Clinical Study on the Effectiveness of Pippali Khanda in the Management of Amlapitta

Richa Singh, Girish KJ, Yadu Narayana Mooss


Background: Amlapitta (Acid peptic disorder) is disease of the Annavaha Srotas (gastrointestinal tract) which results primarily because of indulgence in Ahita Ahara Vihara Sevana (irregular dietary habit and day to day activity). Khanda (sugar granules) is widely acceptable dosage forms in the present scenario due its palatability, shelf life and easy administration. The selected drug Pippali Khanda possesses Deepana (enhances digestion), Pachana (digestive) and Vatanulomana (regulates Vata). Study has been undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of Pippali Khanda in the management of Urdhvaga Amlapitta having dominance of Kapha and Pitta Dosha. Methods: Among the 32 registered patients 30 of them completed the course of treatment. Pippali Khanda was administered in a dose of three gram twice daily, fifteen minutes after food, for fifteen days. Patients were assessed before, end of first of week and 15th day of treatment. For statistical analysis, ordinal data were assessed by Friedman’s test and Wilcoxon signed rank as Post Hoc after applying Bonferroni correction. Results: There were statistically highly significant improvements in the signs and symptoms of Amlapitta. (p<0. 05) observed. Conclusion: Pippali Khanda is effective and useful in the management of signs and symptoms of Amlapitta besides improved the parameters of Agni and digestion.




Ayurveda, acid peptic disorder, Amlapitta, Pippali Khanda, Agni

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