Role of Vamana Karma (Emesis) in Jeerna Vatika Pratishyaya (Chronic Rhinosinusitis) - A Case Study

Kunjal H Bhatt, Hemang U Raghavani, Kishor G Satani, Haridra C Dave


Pratishyaya (rhinosinusitis) is very difficult to treat as it happens with Sadhya Janak Nidana (sudden causative factor) also. Many times rapid and sudden onset is seen in Pratishyaya after exposure to even a weak causative factor.  If this vicious cycle of Nidana (causative factor) and Roga (disease) continues and if treatment is neglected the Roga becomes Jeerna(chronic). At this stage it becomes necessary to cure the disease with Shodhana (purification) therapy rather Shaman (curative) therapy. In this type of chronic cases we can get good results with only Vamana Karma (emesis therapy). In modern medicine conservative management is the first choice and if the disease is not managed by it, they prefer surgery to maintain the drainage and ventilation of the sinuses. Vamana Karma with or without Nasya (nasal instillation) can give complete improvement in such cases. The burden and risks of surgery can be avoided and the quality of the patient’s life can be improved with Ayurvedic treatment.


JeernaVatika Pratishyaya, Vamana, Chronic rhinosinusitis JeernaVatika Pratishyaya, Vamana, Chronic rhinosinusitis

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