Ksharasutra Ligation Treatment for Arsha (3rd Degree Piles): A Case Report

Priyanka Pravinbhai Chauhan, Sanjay Kumar Gupta


Ksharasutra treatment is in practice since ancient time as Sushruta has mentioned its application in Nadivrana, Arbuda and Arsha in Sushruta Samhita. It is safe, effective and economical for treatment of piles with least side effect. In this study, a patient was suffering from 3rd degree interno-external pile masses at 3, 7 and 11 o’clock with one secondary pile mass at 5 o’clock position of anal canal. All pile masses were treated with Ksharasutra ligation (KSL) under spinal anaesthesia. Post operative assessment was done daily by recording the relief observed in signs and symptoms. The ligated pile masses were cut through by 6th / 7th post operative day and resultant wounds were healed latest by 25 day uneventfully. There were some advantages observed in Ksharasutra ligation in management of 3rd degree piles which is shared in this case report


Arsha, Ksharasutra, KSL, Piles

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