Ayurvedic Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia A Case Report with respect to Anantha Vata

Neetu Kesavan, Sreekumar K Karunakaran


Trigeminal neuralgia is considered asthe most excruciatingly painful condition known to mankind. Due to the sharp, intense and stabbing nature   of pain, sufferers called it as ‘suicide disease’. The management of trigeminal neuralgia includes anticonvulsants, tricyclic antidepressants drugs and other surgical measures. As per Ayurvedic classics this condition has close proximity with the disease Ananthavata which is Sannipathika in nature. The name itself indicates the extremely vitiated vatadosha. The management explained by Acharya Susrutha is Siravedha and Vatapitha Samana. This article describes a case report of 64 years old lady presented with trigeminal neuralgia. In present study, it is observed that Ayurvedic management has provided significant relief in symptoms and found reduced recurrence. The post effective pain relief was found with Matravasthi and Shirovasthi.



Trigeminal neuralgia, Ananthavata, Siravyadha, Matravasthi, Shirovasthi

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