Parikarthika: The Most Misinterpreted Disease of Present Times

Anumarlapudi Jayaram, Yarlagadda Narendra Kumar


In the present day of interdisciplinary references, investigations and patient consultations, it is necessary that any modern equivalent term should depict the exact disease our Acharyas meant it to be, so that all the Ayurvedic practitioners understand the same disease while referring to a modern term and the principles followed accordingly. Unfortunately some diseases are misinterpreted and the treatment followed is not as per Ayurvedic texts but what the modern term means. One such disease is Parikarthika, which is represented as fissure-in-ano but in fact is Proctitis. Here an attempt is made to restrict its use strictly to the disease our Acharyas mentioned and to follow the principles accordingly, for successful propagation of the system.


Parikarthika, Gudakshatha, Pichchavasthi, Herbal enemata, Proctitis, Fissure-in-ano.

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