Study of Karpoor Ghrita and Povidine Iodine in Sadyo Vrana


  • Sandeep T Nikam



Sadyo vrana, Wound healing, Karpoor, Shatdhauta ghrita, Malhar kalpana, Karpoor ghrita


Aims: Study of  local use of Karpoor ghrita and  Povidone- Iodine  in Sadyovrana. Objectives: 1.To study comparative effect of karpoor ghrita and Povidone- Iodine in sadyovrana. 2. To study assess the effect of ‘karpoor ghrita’ in minimizing infections after injury. 3. To study compare the days for wound healing for both drugs. As the reference has been quoted from Sadyo Vrana Chikitsadhyaya, the formulation of this medicine is to be used only in Sadyo Vranas i.e. Shuddha Vrana. Methods: In this study 60 Diagnosed Patients Of  sadyovrana  were Taken From O.P.D And I.P.D Of Shalyatantra Department Of  hospital. Clinical was Conducted.Computer Generated Random Number Table Were Used For Clinical Trial.  Trial group 30 Patients Of  karpoor ghrita dressing and control group 30 patients of povidone- iodine dressing  were Enrolled Under Following Groups Irrespective Of Sex And Religion. Observations and results: In this clinical study it is seen that, Clinical parameters like Vedana,, Varna, Akruti, Gandha, were significantly reduced after treatment in Trial group than in Control Group and srava showed equal results. Number of Days required for ropan were less in Trial group than that in Control Group. After testing the effectiveness of Karpoorghrita treatment against the Standard betadine Treatment, results showed that The Karpoorghrita treatment has better results than the Standard betadine in Sadyovrana Patients.


Author Biography

Sandeep T Nikam

Dr.sandeep T. Nikam

M.S. (Shalyatantra Samanya)

Registrar Shalya-shalakya dept.

Aryangla vaidyak  Mahavidyalaya, 6 shukravar peth, satara.




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