Concept of Amlapitta in Kashyapa samhita – An appraisial


  • Edwin Kuriakose
  • Leena P Nair
  • Ravindar Korede
  • Jayashankar Mund



Amlapitta, Kashyapa Samhita, Dosha, Aushadhi, Drava, Agni


Amlapitta is one among the commonest disorders prevalent in the society nowadays due to indulgence in incompatible food habits and activities. In Brihatrayees of Ayurveda, scattered references are only available about Amlapitta. Kashyapa Samhita was the first Samhita which gives a detailed explanation of the disease along with its etiology, signs and symptoms with its treatment protocols. A group of drugs and Pathyas in Amlapitta are explained and shifting of the place is also advised when all the other treatment modalities fail to manage the condition. The present review intended to explore the important aspect of Amlapitta and its management as described in Kashyapa Samhita, which can be helpful to understand the etio-pathogenesis of disease with more clarity and ultimately in its management, which is still a challenging task for Ayurveda physician.




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Kuriakose, E., Nair, L. P., Korede, R., & Mund, J. (2016). Concept of Amlapitta in Kashyapa samhita – An appraisial. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 7(1).



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