Evaluation of efficacy and safety of Vrikshamlaadi Yog in Sthaulaya


  • Shilpi Singh rajiv gandhi govement p.g. ayurvedic hospital and college
  • Sharma Y K




Sthaulaya, Vrikshamlaadiyog


Obesity (Sthaulaya) is one of the commonest disease which affects adults and children equally. Obesity is not simply aesthetically ugly but is associated with a large number of metabolic disorders like hypertension, diabetes, ischemic heart diseases, osteoarthritis, etc.In 21st century ,continuous changing life styles, environment and dietary habits  have made man victim  of many diseases. Sthaulaya(Obesity) is one of the most common disease which affects  someone’s social, physical and mental features. In Ayurveda  sthaulaya has been described since early days. AcharayaCharaka has mentioned sthaulaya among eight undesirable persons (Ch.su.21) &Santarpanjanitaroga (Ch.su.23). There are more than a billion overweight people in the world.

Present study was conducted to explore evidence based therapeutic potential of VRIKSHAMLAADI YOG in Sthaulaya.. The patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria and voluntarily wiling for trial were registered from O.P.D. & I.P.D. Dept. of Kayachikitsa R.G.G.P.G.AYU Hospital,Paprola. Total 20 Patients were registered & turned for follow up after 8 weeks. The trial drug “Vrikshamlakadi yogaâ€Â  a combination of several herbal extract  was given in fixed dose combination.  As per assessment criteria15 patients showed moderate Improvement, 4 showed mild/no improvement and 1 patient did not come for follow up. Statistical analysis showed all variables kept in assessment & evaluation criteria have significant positive improvement (p<0.001).  Vrikshamlaadiyog proved to be an effective and safe remedy for Sthaulaya.





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