Study of the efficacy of Shardul Ghanvati in the management of Udara - Jatodakawastha


  • SudarshanKumar R Mehta
  • Londhe P D S.C.M.A.V.M Satara



Udar-Jatodakawastha, Shardul Ghanavati, Virechana


The clinical research study was carried out on 30 pateints of Udara-Jatodakawastha to evaluate the efficacy of Shardul Ghanavati in the management of Udara-Jatodakawstha, The study was conducted at department of Kayachikitsa, Aryangla Ayurvedic College and Hospital Satara, Maharashtra. For assessment of result patient was investigated before after for Hemogram, Liver function test & USG Abdomen. Clinical features like Abdominal girth, change in weight, Breathlessness, yellowness of sclera, pedal edema and loss of appetite were assessment criteria for analysis of result.The study reveals that Shardul Ghanavati has significant role in management of Udara-Jatodakawastha, The total efficacy of treatment was found 59.37 % in subjective criteria, and significant result found in objective criteria (weight & girth measurement), as well as supplementary criteria in period of two months.In sitting position 11.97 % reduction in abdominal girth, In supine position 11.34 % reduction in abdominal girth & mean score reduction in weight 12.48% take place. Also it gives immediate relief to patient by doing “Virechana†karma, which is pradhan chikitsa of Udara-Jatodakawastha.

Author Biographies

SudarshanKumar R Mehta

Department of Kayachikitsa, Ayurvedic college Satara.

Londhe P D, S.C.M.A.V.M Satara

Associate Professor, 

Postgraduate deparment of ayurveda ,M.D. Kayachikitsa




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Mehta, S. R., & D, L. P. (2017). Study of the efficacy of Shardul Ghanvati in the management of Udara - Jatodakawastha. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 7(4).



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