An Experimental Study of Nasa Shareera w.s.r to Pratimarsha nasya


  • Priya Rajan
  • Kanthi G M
  • Ravishankar B



Nasa, DInacharya, Pratimarsha Nasya, Anutaila, Nasal cavity, Histology


Nasa (nose) is considered as the Ghranendriya Adhishtana, whose functions are not only limited to olfaction and respiration but also considered as a pathway for drug administration. Acharya Vagbhata has explained in Nasya vidhi Adhyaya, as “Nasa Hi Shiraso Dwaram”, while on Dinacharya Adhyaya he explained the nasal medications like Anutaila administration in nasal cavity. Nasya Karma (nasal drug delivery) is a therapeutic procedure where drugs are administered through nose in a specific manner, to cure different Jatrurdwa Vikaras. Pratimarsha Nasya may be practiced twice daily as dinacharya. It is described as the most convenient and well tolerated form of nasya as it does not lead to any discomfort or complications. It is suitable for all the age, from birth to death and serves both the purpose of Snehana and Sodhana. The Experimental Study was conducted on 18 healthy wistar stain albino rats of either sex grouped into 3 groups of six rats each to observe any histological changes after administering the drug and the results show that there is no histological changes in the nasal mucosa, olfactory bulb and olfactory area which shows that Anutaila Pratimarsha Nasya Karma through this route is safe and effective.

Author Biographies

Priya Rajan

Assistant Professor, Department of Shareera Rachana, Yenepoya Ayurveda Medical College, Naringana, Mangalore

Kanthi G M

Retired Professor, Department Of  P.G. studies in Shareera Rachana, S.D.M college of Ayurveda, kuthpady, Udupi.

Ravishankar B

Director & Professor of Experimental medicine, SDM Centre of research in Ayurveda and Allied sciences.




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Rajan, P., M, K. G., & B, R. (2020). An Experimental Study of Nasa Shareera w.s.r to Pratimarsha nasya. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 11(1), 81–86.



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