Assessment of Fetal and Infant health status based on Non-Stress Test


  • Monireh Rezaee Moradali
  • Moradali Zareipour
  • Zhila Mohammad Rezaei



Non stress test, Fetal, Infant Health Status


Introduction: Non stress test (NST) is commonly considered as a screening test to assess the health of the fetus especially in high risk pregnancies in most studies. The purpose of this study was to Assessment of fetal and Infant health status based on Non-Stress Test. Methods: This study was a case-control design carried out on 984 pregnant in Urmia selected by census sampling during 2014-2015; 500 pregnant had experienced NST and considered as case group and 484 pregnant had not experienced NST and considered as control group. Data were collected using records of NST among mothers and checklist including variables related to maternal characteristics such as fetal characteristics. The data were analyzed through SPSS version 22 software. Results: In pregnant women who experienced NST, the mean age, Apgar min 1 and 5 was significantly different and NST group had better situation than other group (p=0.001).  Fetal distress was more in the presence of meconium (p=0.0001). In binary logistic regression analysis, meconium and NST were presented as a risk factor in the model, that is, by shifting one level of the meconium or NST status (yes/no) (OR Meconium = 14.262, p = 0.0001; OR NST = 2.874, p = 0.001).  Conclusion: Using non stress test to observe the abnormal results of the fetus especially meconium-stained amniotic fluid is crucial and vital because can prevent the fetal distress, infection of pregnant women and fetus and even the mortality of the fetus.


Author Biographies

Monireh Rezaee Moradali

PhD Student of Reproductive Health, Student Research Committee, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Moradali Zareipour

PhD of Health Education and Health Promotion, Health System Research Unit, Urmia Health Center, Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Urmia, Iran

Zhila Mohammad Rezaei

MSc in midwifery, Department of Midwifery, Urmia Branch, Islamic Azad University, Urmia, Iran




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Rezaee Moradali, M., Zareipour, M., & Rezaei, Z. M. (2020). Assessment of Fetal and Infant health status based on Non-Stress Test. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 10(4), 329–332.



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