Critical review of verse “Evama Yeva Pittadhara Saeva Majjadharaiti”


  • Musale Pankaj S
  • Desai Priti



Kala, Pittadhara kala, Majjadhara kala, Grahani, Majja, Pitta


The verse , “Evama Yeva Pittadhara Saeva Majjadharaiti” explained by Dalhanacharya directly shows the relation of Pittadhara  kala with the Majjadhara  kala which is precise according to Shareer. This relation has great importance in Ayurvedic treatment factor though this relation is described in viṣa-vegantara in kalpasthana. Pittadhara  kala is the sixth  kala among seven kala which is situated in the grahani. The Grahani and Agni are inter-dependant as agni is located in grahani. Therefore, the dushti of agni causes dusti of grahani which leads to various diseases of Pittadhara as well as Majjadhara  kala. As per various references from Ayurveda the medicines, and procedures having action on Pittadhara  kala are used in the treatment of diseases of Majjadhara  kala. As per various researches in modern science there is a relationship between Brain and gut. There is bidirectional communication between the central nervous system and the enteric nervous system in the Gut-Brain Axis. The Gut-Brain axis links the emotional and cognitive centres of brain with peripheral intestinal functions. There might be influence of dietary factor in Gut-Brain Axis by affecting neuronal functioning with alteration in microbiota composition. The diseases of central nervous system e.g. Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia, etc. shows the Gut-Brain Axis relations. Hence, it shows there is relationship between Pittadhara  kala with the Majjadhara  kala according to Ayurved as well as modern science and which could be beneficial for treating many disorders of Nervous system.

Author Biographies

Musale Pankaj S

Associate Professor & HOD, Rachana Sharir Department, Shree RMD Ayurved College and Hospital, Waghaldhara, Dist Valsad, Gujrat, India.

Desai Priti

Dean Academics, Professor and HOD, Rachana Sharir Department, DMIMS’s MGACH, Salod Dist, Wardha, Maharashtra, India.




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