Application of shodhana (Bio-purification) in Chronic Sheetapitta (Dhatwantara gata / Leena Avastha) with special reference to Urticaria


  • Sachin Deva


Concealed, Anutklishta, Deepana, Pachana, Snehana, Swedana


Shodhana (Bio-Purification) is a procedure which helps in expelling out the excessively aggrevated  doshas from the shareera (Body). One of the most alluring concepts in the modulation of disease is leenadosha (Adhered/Concealed). Technically leena (Adhered) term suggests to Conceal even Merge. Here the doshas will be attached or concealed to the dhatus. So we can frame the quality of leena dosha as ekadeshasthita/anutva (Minute) and also dhatvantaragata (Adhered to Dhatus). In the disease sheetapitta (Urticaria) sheetamaaruta exposure acts as a prime nidana (Cause) in vitiating vata predominantly along with other doshas like pitta and kapha leading to skin manifestations in bahya twacha (External skin) and other systemic symptoms in abyantara shareera (Within the body). Eventhough the disease sheetapitta (Urticaria) has vatadhika dosha lakshanas kandu (Pruritis) and daha (Burning sensation) will also be associated in many cases. By neglecting this particular diseases considering its lakshanas and severity after a time period dosha becomes leena within the dhatus and later becomes difficult to treat. Classics clearly mentioned that leena dosha (Adhered) cant be eliminated through shodhana (Bio-Purification) without prior deepana pachana (Stomacic & digestive), snehana (Oleation) and swedana (Sudation)  i. e bringing back the vitiated doshas from shaka (Extremities) to kosta (Abdomen). So saama dosha adhered or concealed in diseases are understood as in leena state. This particular understanding facilitates further intervention which will be discussed in full paper. 

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Sachin Deva

Reader / PhD Scholar, Post Graduate Department of Roga Nidana,Parul Institute of Ayurveda, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat




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