Corneal foreign bodies- Management the Ayurvedic way- A Case series


  • Aiswarya V Nair



Eye foreign bodies, Cornea, Ayurvedic, treatment, Netrasalya, Research


Corneal foreign bodies are one of the most common and serious eye trauma cases reaching an ophthalmologist. Traditional medical systems like Ayurveda are imagined to have a very limited and obsolete role in managing acute traumatic presentations like corneal foreign bodies. Four cases of corneal bodies which were treated by ayurvedic medicines and procedures are being reported here as a case series. Each case had a type of foreign body embedded in their cornea and after removal of the foreign body by suitable methods, they were given ayurvedic topical as well as internal medicines and followed up at regular intervals. All cases healed without any complications. This case series shows that ayuveda can be effectively used to manage many corneal injuries and this area need to be explored on a clinical trial route to reach more valid conclusions.

Author Biography

Aiswarya V Nair

SRF, Department of Shalakyatantra, Govt Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, Kerala.




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Nair, A. V. (2020). Corneal foreign bodies- Management the Ayurvedic way- A Case series. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 11(3), 568–571.