A Critical Review of Standardization of Ayurvedic Dosage Form Kwatha - Part - II: Approaches and Outcome


  • Narendra Bhatt
  • Manasi Deshpande
  • Sunetra Chaskar




Kwatha - Kashayam, Decoction, Standardization, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, QC of Ayurvedic Products, Ayurvedic Technology


A Kwatha, decoction, is one of the most used classical Ayurvedic dosage forms. It is a liquid preparation to be freshly consumed. For this preparation the raw material, mostly herbs or a group of herbs are extracted in water by boiling them for a specific time span. This is second part of the review paper on Ayurvedic Kwatha - herbal decoction to review and consider various approaches and their outcomes for the standardization. It provides information and reference data for the standardization of decoction across conventional methods and new techniques and explains how this classical process has evolved within new pharmaceutical developments. Many Ayurvedic production units appear to have adapted to newer manufacturing technologies including fermentation techniques. This paper explores the scope for application of newer technologies for the purpose of better standardization and novel product applications. Application of Kwatha's nano-drug delivery systems have a promising potential to enhance operation and resolve issues related to classical dosage forms. In order to tackle further chronic diseases, the incorporation of nano-carriers as NDDS in the conventional medicine system is necessary. This review examines the benefits of the nano-drug delivery system, its properties, its drawbacks, forms of nanoparticles, their preparation methods, and various herbal nano medicines. This review further explores how therapeutic benefits can be improved by reducing toxicity and increasing bioavailability.

Author Biographies

Narendra Bhatt

CRIA Consultants Pvt. Ltd, 15, J. B. Marg, Parel, Mumbai.

Manasi Deshpande

Professor, Department of Dravyaguna Vigynan, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, College of Ayurved, Pune. 

Sunetra Chaskar

Bioved Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Pune.




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Bhatt, N., Deshpande, M., & Chaskar, S. (2020). A Critical Review of Standardization of Ayurvedic Dosage Form Kwatha - Part - II: Approaches and Outcome. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 11(3), 378–386. https://doi.org/10.47552/ijam.v11i3.1552



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