Case report of COVID-19 in a Hypertensive patient: Ayurvedic add on therapy


  • Anshul Chauhan
  • Meenakshi Malik
  • Ashish Mehta



Ayurveda, AYUSH Kwath, COVID-19, Sanshamani vati, Sudarshan churn


COVID-19 has affected negatively day to day life and global economy. Considering need for search of immunity modulator drugs for fighting this virus, Ayurvedic treatment was planned. 30 year old female patient, having history of the hypertension was diagnosed as a case of COVID-19 through RT-PCR. AYUSH Kwath (20 ml OD for 7 days), Sanshamani vati(2BD for 7 days), Sudarshan churn (3gm for14 days), Vit –C and Azithromycin given orally for 5 days. RT-PCR sample result was found COVID negative on 7th day of treatment. Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory activities were documented earlier of used medications which have shown beneficial result in present case also. Orally administered, add on Ayurvedic formulation exerted symptomatic relief in symptomatic COVID-19 case with pitta-kapha prakriti having co-morbidity of Hypertension. RCT needs to be conducted to validate result in larger sample which will generate evidence for support.

Author Biographies

Anshul Chauhan

Assistant Professor, Panchkarma Department, Gaur Brahmin Ayurvedic College, Rohtak.

Meenakshi Malik

Assistant Professor, Ayurved Samhita and Sidhant Department, Gaur Brahmin Ayurvedic College, Rohtak. 

Ashish Mehta

Dean Academic Affairs, Professor & HOD Panchkarma Department, Shri Krishna Ayush University, Kurukshetra, Haryana.




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Chauhan, A., Malik, M., & Mehta, A. (2021). Case report of COVID-19 in a Hypertensive patient: Ayurvedic add on therapy. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 12(3), 730–732.