An effective use of Ayurvedic management in case of Nail Bed Infection- A case report


  • Dipika A Chakole
  • Bhagyashri A Chakole



Dushta vrana, Leech therapy, Nail bed infection, Paronychia, Vrana dhoopana, Vrana ropana


Background: A Nail bed infection viz. also known as paronychia is very common condition found in people due to trauma, bacterial infection to the nail. This can be treated with systemic Anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic with Local anti-microbial ointment. In Ayurveda this condition is explained as Kunakha. This can be treated with use Leech therapy and various internal medicine and local application of various drug formulations. Objective: a. To use leech therapy in Nail bed Infection b. to apply ayurvedic treatment principle in Nail bed Infection (kunakha). Method:  A case report of Nail bed infection cause due to Trauma to nail. Patient visited to ayurvedic clinic as her wound didn’t heal properly even after 45 days of conventional treatment. In Ayurvedic treatment management, 3 cycles of Raktamokshan and vrana dhoopna and Vrana ropan tail pichu were done on alternate day for 30 days. This local treatment supported with some internal medicine. Result: All this included treatment shows effective result in this patient. Conclusion: This case report concludes that Leech therapy and ayurvedic topical and internal medicine are found to be effective in case of Nail bed infection.

Author Biographies

Dipika A Chakole

Assistant Professor, Department of Kayachikitsa, MGACH& RC, Salod(H), Wardha, MH. India.   

Bhagyashri A Chakole

PG Scholar, AIIA, New Delhi, Delhi. 




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Chakole, D. A., & Chakole, B. A. (2022). An effective use of Ayurvedic management in case of Nail Bed Infection- A case report. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 13(3), 816–819.