Apis mellifera honey: Healing effects - A value chain view from mountain agriculture





Apis Mellifera, Honey Healing Effects, Value Chain, Mountain Agriculture, Medicinal Honey, Apiculture Health Benefits


Aims and objectives: This study systematically investigates Apis Mellifera honey as an integral component within the beekeeping value chain, specifically emphasizing its role in apicultural mountain production.

Methods: The research delves into multifaceted dimensions, encompassing agronomical and territorial profiles, generated through the utilization of the Paintmap online software. Additionally, the investigation employs experimental and statistical perspectives, utilizing SPSS and Excel software for analysis.

Important observations and results: The outcomes of this comprehensive analysis reveal a noteworthy evolution in the Apis Mellifera honey market, particularly during the prevailing pandemic circumstances. The findings elucidate a discernible surge in market development over recent years. Ultimately, the paper posits that the value chain associated with Apis Mellifera mountain honey originating from European Romania substantiates a substantial foundation for mountain production and agricultural practices. In summation, this exploration contributes to the scholarly understanding of the intricate dynamics within the apicultural sector, shedding light on the pivotal role of Apis Mellifera honey in sustaining robust mountain production and farming activities.

Author Biographies

Mihai Covaci

Professor, Hyperion University / CBM International University, India.

Brindusa Covaci

Professor, Centre of Mountain Economy / CBM International University, India.

Carla Selma

Research officer, Akademos Learning / CBM International University, India.




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Covaci, M., Covaci, B., & Selma, C. (2024). Apis mellifera honey: Healing effects - A value chain view from mountain agriculture. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 15(2), 452–456. https://doi.org/10.47552/ijam.v15i2.4616



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